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Martin Sheen pickets with TO hotel workers

The Toronto International Film Festival is underway. The celebrity sightings are going mad on the city’s streets. And Martin Sheen steps up to picket with hotel workers today.

Twenty-minute stunt? Whatever. The best part is the look on the face of a man just steps away from Sheen. The guy wearing a red shirt and sunglasses on the right side of the photo. Look for the gaping mouth. It’s as if all his childhood Hollywood dreams have just come true… or else, he has just split his pants. Either way, it made me laugh.

Martin Sheen joins the picket line. Apparently in the presence of his biggest fan (man in red, right).

By Jasmeet Sidhu and Jayme Poisson
Toronto Star

Hollywood star Martin Sheen joined the picket lines outside the Royal York Hotel Friday morning.

“We will not cross your line and if you want us to leave the hotel we will,” Sheen told the cheering picketers on behalf of himself and his son, actor and director Emilio Estevez.

Wearing a sign reading “On strike for justice Unite Here,” Sheen told the Star: “I’ve been a union member all my adult life. I’ve been involved in labour struggles all my adult life and I support it.”

Sheen walked with each of the three pickets around the entrances to the landmark downtown hotel which has been hit by a one-day walkout at the start of the Toronto International Film Festival.

“I know it can get very difficult with labour struggles,” Sheen, a long-time social activist, told the strikers.

“I’m here to remind you that lost causes are the only causes worth fighting for.”

Sheen stayed with the pickets for about 20 minutes. He stars in his son’s film The Way, which was scheduled to premiere at the festival Friday afternoon.

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